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Why Betel Christian School?

"Betel Christian School offers a God-centered education. Our purpose is to go above and beyond in equipping our students with an excellent academic education."

Betel Christian School is the ideal place for your child's education.

 It is a place where:

  • We teach the Bible, daily in classes and in chapel. The children of our school are taught biblical stories and truths. These are specifically tailored to their grade level so that they can apply the principles to their daily lives.

  • We instill godly character from a young age. We teach godly character traits that children will need throughout their life such as being organized, being courteous, working as a team, and following instructions.

  • Our teachers practice the Christian principles that are taught to the students. Each teacher faithfully attends our church and actively serves in our church as they try to teach not only with words but also through their example.

  • Each subject in our curriculum is taught with a Christian perspective and Christian values. We use the world renowned Abeka curriculum, which is completely based on the Bible and biblical principles. Every video teacher is saved and the most qualified for their class and level.

  • Prayer is an important part of every school day. Every day and several times during the day, we pray for prayer requests from our class, church, and missionaries. We have seen that when God answers prayer, it becomes real in the lives of students.

  • The safety and health of our students is of the utmost importance. We are taking required preventative measures to endeavor to keep each child from getting sick at school. We require each student to wear a mask or "face shield" to prevent the spread of diseases. We have accommodated each room so that the desks are separated adequately, and we have limited the number of students in each room. We have also taken other steps to ensure that surfaces are disinfected regularly and that common areas cleaned several times during the day. We also have various security measures in place to ensure that we avoid dangerous situations as much as possible

  • Tuition is very reasonable. With many schools in the region charging between $5,000 - $12,000 per student per year, we are one of the most affordable Christian schools in the area.

  • Each student will receive individual care and help. We keep the size of each class limited so our students can get the help and individualized care they need.

  • We want to help you as parents to guide your children in God's ways. Our goal is to help you as parents reinforce the Biblical principles you are teaching at home.

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Bartlett, Illinois

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